Weep, pray, think, work.
— H.R.Rookmaaker

Lifestyle + documentary photographer
based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

I am a designer/photographer who loves to find new perspectives. I shoot out of my heart, and there's no better way to explain it. I started in digital (and I still use it!) but have converted primarily to film for its raw and sometimes unpredictable results. It's a form of artificial partnership, a revolt against the pragmatic and efficiency of our days. Photography, if I have a choice, should not be restraint by time and the technical. It is a mutual creative tension between the mechanical and the imaginative, and this is what I bring to my time spend with you, a slower technique to capture the stillness of your life. 

FYI: I love NGOs, churches, and charitable organizations, fire me an email for collaborations!

Leica M6
Mamiya 645AFD


Applied Arts 2009
Landscape - Series

Applied Arts 2008
Architectural Photography - Single

PhotoLife 2008
2008 Emerging Photographers issue

JPG magazine
Winner of "Vertical" shootout contest



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